Park Contacts
For questions, information or suggestions related to this website, contact its Webmaster and Photographer

Martha Talmage

Call for permission before using pictures

For questions and information related to City Maintenance of our Parks, or to order a tree, contact
Bobby Robinson, Park Department,

Go to Kiddy Park website

call 918-336-5337
during park open hours or email:

For information on making tax deductible donations to our Parks, purchasing a tree as a Memorial, or other information related to the
Bartlesville Area Friends of the Parks
contact Jim Eccleston, Chairman, at 918-337-0137
For questions or information related to
Tree Committee, Tree City USA or Arbor Day
Troy Becker, Tree Committee Chairman
For questions or information related to the
Park Board
Troy Becker, President,
For more on Bartlesville, visit