Jo Allyn Lowe Park

Location: Price and Locust Roads

Jo Allyn Lowe Park was created in 1980 from land donated by Harold and Carolyn Price in 1971 and Joe and Etsuko Price in 1979. In all it covers 31.74 acres of water and rolling land. Harold Price and Phillips Petroleum Company provided most of the funds for the Park's development and when it was completed it was dedicated to Jo Allyn Lowe, the beloved founder of the Bartlesville Boys Club.

The Park contains an arboretum, restrooms, a drinking fountain and several picnic tables, along with 2 one table picnic shelters. A handicap accessible fishing pier sits at the south end of the lake. Many different species of ducks and geese populate the park and lake. There are also several benches for people who wish to pause for a while to enjoy the out of doors in this lovely setting with such a wide variety of attractions.

Site map at entrance to Jo Allyn Lowe Park
View from the handicapped accessible fishing pier
Our Arboretum
One of the nicest features of the Park is the large arboretum. Funded mostly by donations, there are hundreds of species of trees present, many planted in memory of loved ones or organizations. And there are many others yet to be planted. For more information on how to purchase a tree as a memorium, visit this link.

Bartlesville employes its own Forester and has been a "Tree City, USA" since the inception of the program.

A Tree Committee helps plan Arbor Day events and tree selection for right-of-ways and parks.

Jo Allyn Lowe Lake
The Jo Allyn Lowe Aboretum contains a wide variety of beautiful trees
G. L. Potteiger Cabin
In 1987 and 1988, this cabin was moved to the Park and carefully restored by the Landmark Preservation Council. The cabin was originally built north of Wann in the late 1920's by G.L.Potteiger and Joe Washington, a Delaware Indian, and is a good example of a Delaware Indian log cabin, with its half dove tail notching on the logs. It is furnished and maintained by volunteers from the Bartlesville Historical Society.

Walkers and joggers enjoy the many paths that surround the lake and wind through the adjacent tallgrass prairie, the only tallgrass prairie in Oklahoma located inside city limits. Abundant wild flowers change with the seasons. Spotted around the circumference of the prairie are new flower gardens created and maintained by several of Bartlesville's Garden Clubs. Among them are a succulent bed and a garden planted entirely in white blooming flowers and shrubs. A Rose Garden is planned.

The path eventually leads you to the northeast where it arrives at one of the entrances to the Pathfinder Parkway, a major pedestrian and bicycle network for the entire city. To the southeast is a tunnel under Price Road that connects Colonial Estates housing addition with the Park and the Pathfinder Parkway.

Handicapped parking is available in several locations.

Aerial View of the Park and its paths.
A tunnel under Price Road connects Colonial Estates with Jo Allyn Park
The Path meanders through the Park