Our 220 year old American Elm Tree

55 inches dbh X 4 years= 220 years old
(diameter at breast height- the standard height for measuring tree diameter)

Measuring day in Johnstone Park
(Picture courtesy Chuck Parkin)

The American Elm is an extremely hardy tree that can withstand harsh winters (min. temperature of -42 °C). Healthy trees potentially can live for hundreds of years. However, Dutch Elm Disease has ravaged the American elm, causing catastrophic die-offs in cities across the range. It has been estimated that only approximately 1 in 100,000 American elm trees is DED-tolerant, most known survivors simply having escaped exposure to the disease.

Infection occurs when an elm bark beetle carries the fungus from an infected tree and then burrows into the living tissue of a healthy tree. Once a tree becomes infected with this disease, other American Elm trees close to it often die quickly, because the fungus can infect them via the roots through grafts that the trees have formed underground .

From Wikepedia.Com