Our State Champion White Ash Tree
Largest White Oak in Oklahoma
250 years old

48 inches dbh X 5 years= 240 years old
(diameter at breast height- the standard height for measuring tree diameter)

The name White Ash apparently derives from the grayish undersides of the leaves. The White Ash is similar in appearance to the Green Ash, making identification difficult. The lower sides of the leaves of White Ash are lighter-colored than their upper sides, and the outer surface of the twigs of White Ash may be flaky or peeling. Green Ash leaves are similar in color on upper and lower sides, and twigs are smoother. Also, these species tend to occupy different habitat niches, with White Ash found in moist upland sites and Green Ash in wet forests of floodplains or swamps, although there is some overlap in habitat distribution

(from Wikipedia.com)

Picture courtesy of Chuck Parkin