Our 135 year old Shumard Oak Tree

45 inches dbh X 3 years= 135 years old
(diameter at breast height- the standard height for measuring tree diameter)

The Shumard Oak, Quercus shumardii (also known as Spotted Oak, Schneck Oak, Shumard Red Oak, and Swamp Red Oak), is one of the largest of the oak species in the red oak group.

Mature Shumard Oak typically reach heights of 82-115 feet, trunk diameter is typically 24- 40 inches, and crown width typically reaches 39-60 feet in width. Typical size varies according to region, with larger specimens occurring in the southern portions of its native range in the United States. Record Shumard Oaks have been measured at up to 138 feet tall, with crowns up to 90 feet in width.

(from Wikipedia.com)