John McAnaw Park
Location: 19th and Johnstone Avenue
A surprise gem, this lovely little neighborhood park is tucked conveniently between two houses on the east side of Johnstone Avenue. There is a constant parade of neighborhood children enjoying the benefits of a local playground.

The land and play equipment were generously donated to the city in 1988 by Ernie McAnaw in memory of her late husband, John McAnaw.

 There is a set of creative playground equipment for the smaller set, large trees to provide shade, and grassy expanses for impromptu soccer games. Park benches and a picnic table add places to rest or enjoy a snack and a drinking fountain wets your whistle after a play session.

A small, handicapped accessible parking area helps everyone enjoy the park.

Go ahead and bring your ball and mitt!

There is plenty of room to play catch or kick a soccer ball without disturbing anything but a tree.