Johnstone Park
Location: 200 North Cherokee
Johnstone Park is the oldest park in Bartlesville, its land having been purchased on September 11, 1903. In the early 1900's there were bath houses on the banks of the Caney River and hundreds of people could be found playing and swimming in the river below the small dam. Today, although people no longer swim in the river, the park, with its huge trees, has developed into one of the area's most beautiful playgrounds. The river bend where it is located was the site of the original Jake Bartles mill which was in large measure responsible for the location of the city of Bartlesville
Swimming in the Caney, at Johnstone Park,
circa 1920
Park Entrance downtown on North Cherokee Avenue

Johnstone Park is one of the largest parks and is much used due to its central location and varied attractions. Located just north of downtown between north Johnstone and Delaware Streets, north of first Street, this 78.89 acre park is often thought of as consisting of three areas.

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