Johnstone Park -Area One
Area 1 contains the entrance,
the Art Center area, Kiddie Park, and many interesting items from Bartlesville's past.

The restored and relocated Hulah Train Depot (Hulah is the Osage Indian word for Eagle), an example of early railroad facilities, sits near a cannon used to shoot holes in oil storage tanks when they caught on fire. Black smoke was a common sight on the skyline of the oil fields in the early days of the industry.
Our Art Center near the entrance to the Park is a lovely example of artistic early building design. Lesson sessions and art exhibits are hosted here.
Restored Hulah Train Station
Oil Patch
Even a larger player in Bartlesville's oil past is a replica of the Nellie Johnstone #1 oil well. At this very location, the Nellie Johnstone was the first commercial oil well in the State of Oklahoma. The area of the well was recently renovated (10/2008) to create Bartlesville's Discovery 1 Park.
Gushing Derrick
Path of
Visitor Center
The Nellie Johnstone
At 3:30 PM on October 18, the Park was displayed to the Public for the first time. The opening cermony was climaxed by a blow out of water from the 84 foot tall wooden derrick.
Bob Marsheck (left) and Mike Mnich working on one of Memorial Gardens five flower beds near the entrance to Johnstone Park.

Bob and Mike donated their time, labor and most of the plants. A grant from the Lyons Foundation defrayed their other expenses.
Below is their finished product.
A small bridge crosses a streambed
to area 2
You can find plenty of parking space near the wonderful
Bartlesville Playground Association Kiddie Park,
manned during the warmer months by civic group volunteers. The Kiddie Park has a merry-go-round, a train, a miniature roller coaster and a host of other wonderful rides sized and priced for your youngest children.

Free Admission to the Park -and Ride Tickets are still only 25¢!

Kiddie Park Operation Times
Opening May 3, 2014
Dates & Times: Fri-Sat 7:00-10:00 pm
After School lets out: Tuesday, Wednesday,Thursday 7:00-9:30 pm
Closed Sundays, Mondays & the 4th of July
This area of the park also contains action sports arenas.
There are four lighted tennis courts and a large lighted baseball stadium. See Municipal Stadium