Located inside Johnstone Park
(From PSO) "On April 26, 2006, the City of Bartlesville and PSO jointly planted a dozen tree seedlings creating the 'Historic Grove" in Bartlesville's Johnstone Park. Each tree will soon be marked with a plaque that lists the species and history. The 4-foot and 5-foot tall seedlings were cut from historic trees located across the United States and nurtured so that once placed in the ground they will grow to maturity and create a visual history lesson for the community".
The Seedlings include:

1 -An Abraham Lincoln Overcup Oak from the Lincoln Homestead in Kentucky.

2 -A Mount Vernon Red Maple that enhances the landscape George Washington created at his Mount Vernon home on the Potomac River.

3 -A Chickamauga Black Maple from a Civil War battle site in Georgia.

4 -A Cave Burr Oak, from the entrance of Simms Cave in Hannibal, MO., and that served as the inspiration for the cave in Tom Sawyer.

5 -A Williamsburg Golden Raintree from the former capital of Virginia and center of activities when the 13 colonies were discussing and seeking independence.

6 -Patrick Henry Osage Orange—Given to Patrick Henry’s daughter upon his death by Lewis and Clark, and planted at Patrick Henry’s gravesite. It currently holds the title of being the largest Osage Orange in the country.

7 Andrew Jackson Southern Magnolia from a tree President Jackson planted at the White House in memory of his wife. An image of the tree can be seen on the back of an old $20 bill.

8 John F. Kennedy Crabapple, planted at President Kennedy's gravesite in Arlington. Va.

9 A Trail of Tears Sawtooth Oak from a tree in New Echota, Georgia, near the beginning of the Trail of Tears.

10 George Washington Tulip Poplar. Washington wrote in his diary that he planted this tree.

11 Independence park (Independence Hall) Black Locust to commemorate the signing of the Declaration of Independence.