Bartlesville, Oklahoma -Tree  City, USA
2008 - 25 years of being a Tree City
The National Arbor Day Foundation has named Bartlesville, Oklahoma a 'Tree City USA'
for 25 consecutive years, the third longest in the state.

For Oklahoma's Cenntenial celebration, there is an attempt to identify all the trees in the State that are older than 100 years . To date, twelve trees have been identified in Bartlesville as being more than 100 years old. Two White Ash trees in Johnstone Park are State Champions, the largest found so far in the State. See Centennial Trees. (A1)

Our City has its own Arboretum located at Jo Allyn Lowe Park on Price Road.
In addition the City has identified and marked all trees100 years or older.

Groves of 'Historical Trees' ( Trees grown from seeds or cuttings from trees of historical importance ) have been planted in Johnstone (A2) and Jo Allyn Lowe Parks(A3)