Pathfinder Parkway
(Bartlesville's Crown Jewel!)
Access to the path is available at several places around the City.
A: Parking is available at the Johnstone Park entrance at 200 North Cherokee, west of the Caney River Bridge.

B: Another access point with parking can be found at the south end of Shawnee Ave, south of the High School Practice Fields. Walk either North or South along the River.

C: Park at Wesleyan Church or across Silverlake Road on Polaris Drive and walk either direction through the woods.

D: Jo Allyn Lowe Park offers paths from the lake and the prairie that lead to the Pathfinder, and has ample parking in both starting points.

E: Park your car at Robinwood Park and follow the Pathfinder through a Bird Sanctuary and around the soccer fields to the

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southwest corner of the Park. The Pathfinder enters the woods at the tunnel under Frank Phillips Blvd and eventually connects takes you to F.

F: Atwood's parking lot provides convenient parking for walking west through deep woods to Robinwood Park. Locate the path at the very west side of the lot and walk under Washington Blvd. Quite a different experience for those of us who have driven over it not knowing of its existence!

G: Will Rogers Grade School on East Frank Phillips Blvd has parking for you. The Path begins on the west side of the school and meanders past houses, along streams and through woods all the way to Sooner Park!

H: Sooner Park offers lots of parking and the Pathfinder entrance is northwest of the Old Firehouse.

Whether you start from the Johnstone Park entrance in downtown Bartlesville, from Sooner Park on the east side of the City, or any of many other entrances, you are in for a treat when exploring the Pathfinder. Its 12 miles of trail wander through the deepest woods, along a river -all right through the middle of town!

From Johnstone Park the Path follows the Caney River and passes by the City's water treatment plant, past the Girl's Softball field and then dips under two highway bridges, all the time winding through deep woods. Instantly you'll feel you are miles from any town. Look closely, because hidden in these woods are plentiful deer, raccoons, beaver, rabbits, opossums, fox, coyotes and skunks!

A walk along the Pathfinder can be a revitalizing experience for those stressed by their busy lives. In the quiet woods, bird's songs and nature envelope you, and tranquility can permeate your mind! And notice, some travelers on the Path are using it to get from one section of Bartlesville to another -avoiding ALL traffic!

Entrance to Pathfinder Parkway from Johnstone Park
You may get at least this close to wildlife!
Pathfinder Parkway location sign at Sooner Park

The idea for the Pathfinder started in 1971 as a Bicentennial Celebration project. Dedication was held 1976 .

Pathfinder Parkway location sign at Robinwood Park
Entrance to Pathfinder from Atwood's parking lot
Bird Trail

In 1996, the George Miksch Sutton Avian Research Center in Bartlesville proposed a Bird Trail be added to a portion of the Pathfinder Parkway. (See more on this project's development )The trail started with the addition of two entrance signs, one at Jo Allyn Lowe Park, and the other at the Pathfinder access point behind the Senior High School, known as the Jackson Tract.

Phillips Petroleum then donated $19,400 for the cost of ten signs that were placed at selected locations between those two points. Sutton Avian Research created the signs, identifying birds that could actually be seen and heard on the Path. Take your binoculars and walk slow!

Entrance to Pathfinder Parkway Bird Trail from
Jo Allyn Lowe Park

This part of the Pathfinder (from Jackson Tract to Silver Lake Road) also doubles as a rehabilitation trail, with a park bench placed beside each bird sign, allowing recovering heart patients, the elderly, the infirm, or leg injury patients to rest every few hundred yards before continuing their walk.

It is delightful to sit on these benches and watch for and listen to the abundance of wildlife that inhabits the woods surrounding the Pathfinder.
The Caney River Bridge

Near the center of the Bird Trail portion of the Pathfinder lies one of its gems, a beautifully arched suspension bridge over the Caney River surrounded by forest. Standing on the bridge and watching the occasional beaver swim up and down the river is an awesome experience to those accustomed only to the city's ubiquitous backyard squirrels.

In 2001, a tunnel was built under Price Road at Jo Allyn Lowe Park and the Pathfinder was extended to Colonial Estates, giving this southernmost addition access to the City's trails.
Tunnel under Price Road at Jo Allyn Lowe Park to Colonial
Entry for Colonial Estates residents