Robinwood Park

Location: Enter from the south, Beck Drive via Robin Avenue off of Frank Phillips Boulevard, or from the north, Beck Drive via Tuxedo Boulevard.

One of the bigger parks in Bartlesville (70 acres), Robinwood Park is divided into three parts, 1.) parking / picnic / playground area, 2.) bird sanctuary, and 3.) soccer fields.

Area 1 contains many shaded picnic tables and barbeque grills, perfect for sharing a lunch, along with swings and slides for the youngsters.

Area 2 of Robinwood Park is the large bird sanctuary. It has been in operation for many years and contains some of the largest trees in the city's eastern parks. (See more below)

Area 3 isBartlesville's largest soccer area is at Robinwood with plenty of parking and restroom facilities and a drinking fountain. More pictures and information on this Sports Facility can be found by clicking here.

The park was established in 1956 on land donated by Washington County Sewer Improvement District #1.

North Entrance to Robinwood Park
Picnic and playground area.
The Bird Sanctuary
The Robinwood Bird Sanctuary was originated by Paul Hefty in 1977, with approval from the City. From 5 acres of the existing Robinwood Park, Paul transformed forest land into a bird paradise by planting many appropriate food bearing bushes and trees, including deciduous holly, special flowering crabs and berry bushes, plus hickorys, pecans, oaks and walnuts. Over the years he incorporated many types of protective brush for the birds. A wide variety of birds reside here both winter and summer. Paul died in 2008.
A portion of the Pathfinder Parkway runs through the sanctuary and offers birders and casual walkers some of the best bird viewing in the area.