Veteran's Park

Location: Fifth and Virginia

Veteran's Park is one of the city's landmarks, located near Highway 60 in the western part of Bartlesville. At one time the area contained a gravel quarry - a deep hole filled with water that was a continual community hazard. Several boys had drowned there even though swimming was prohibited. The property was owned by several different persons but the city finally received a deed to the entire area and immediately began the task of filling the hole. All of the $25,000 that the park board had acquired for a park was used in tearing down the high stone fence around the quarry and filling the hole.

A new swimming pool and diving facility was constructed on the quarry site and in 1987 the Olympic platform diving tryouts were held there, with 2 time gold medal winner Greg Louganis competing.

In 2008 because of an underground leak in the pool the City closed and removed the facility and built a new walk-in swimming pool and water park at the locations. Pictures to be added soon.

Proposed plan for Pool and Waterpark - now completed
There is a basketball court, baseball diamond, play equipment, picnic tables and a shelter. Plus plenty of handicapped accessible parking.
The site for the park was originally the home of the Bartlesville Brick Company and of the Shale Pit from which they secured the clay for many of the city's brick streets. The acreage has belonged to the city since it was donated by John and Prudie Holliman in February, 1931.

The park was developed in 1970 and was funded by the Federal Land and Water Conservation Fund, H. C. Price Company, Phillips Petroleum Company, Frank Phillips Foundation, National Zinc, Reda Pump, Cities Service and the City of Bartlesville.